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Winter solstice and earth care

The solstice is a natural event in the minds of humans. Its significance is of human formation only. It is a reminder of the residual recognition by humans of our interest and dependence on natural cycles and the importance of the sun in particular in these conditions.

The solstice is seldom recognized as a solar event with the huge power of the sun for destruction, destruction which is kept from occurring to the earth for now in a delicately balanced way. It is a reminder of the delicacy, complexity and importance of earth care.

In my experience, the solstice is also a further occasion for myopia for those living in temperate climates, since we anticipate spring for ourselves, provided by the movement of the sun, yet do not consider the impact on other humans and life forms.

Quaker Earthcare Witness

Among Quakers, these ideas of earth care are most recognized and explored through Quaker Earthcare Witness.

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