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What do you get from attending worship services of other faiths?

Brad Ogilvie, a member of the Christian and Interfaith Relations Committee (and a Quaker), writes about what he gets from occasionally attending an episcopal worship service at The National Cathedral. Do you go to worship services other than your own? Why? And what do you get out of these experiences?—AM.

When I am in DC, I am often attracted to the Sunday folk mass at The National Cathedral (10AM) rather than a Quaker service in the region. Given that I work for William Penn House as well as many Quaker schools and am actively involved in Friends General Conference and Baltimore Yearly Meeting, often in capacities of advocating for and on behalf of Quakers and Quakerism, I am sometimes conflicted with this. I feel I “should be” attending Friends Meetings, but I also feel believe that it is important that we be true to our leading, and mine often take me in this direction.
This does not mean I veer away from Quaker beliefs. In fact, I find that often, when I engage with and interact with people of other faiths or cuts of religious cloth, my Quaker faith deepens, but it is not so much faith in Quaker process.



I enjoy attending variety of faith services......as part of my leading to promote inter-faith harmony. I also enjoy variety of scriptures from world religious traditions. I adopt virtues from a variety of world traditions when I can, but I don't attempt to mix practices (synchretism).
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