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Stunned silence


I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. I do not know how to respond with words to the cascading violence.

Mike Shell


Your words are correct, Mike. The violence occurring has gotten out of hand. With the police attacking and killing people without any valid reason, others are now killing police officers, who had nothing to do with those incorrect actions. It appears to be moving our nation back in history, many years. All States are not the same, but in some they have created laws counter to one another. Even in Pennsylvania, where the Commonwealth Constitution states citizens have a right to protect their property, the State Police have fined or threatened residents for protecting their property. Plus, many local governments, enact laws demanding the residents present their property in certain ways and often anti-environmental, to create false property values upon which to place taxes. Teaching and displaying real concern for one another needs to be more heavily presented in our nation’s systems, from small local levels to the much larger forms of government.
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