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Queries for November: Buddhism and Quakerism

In early September, we published a Call for Authors on three monthly conversation subjects.

October — Judaism and Quakerism

Regular readers have seen a rich range of posts during October.

  • I, in turn, thanked Stanley with my own brief piece about Yeshua.

November — Buddhism and Quakerism

For November, we invite posts which look in a different yet complementary direction. Many folks have, in various ways, recognized and embraced the resonances between the Buddhist and Quaker approaches to contemplative faith and practice. We ask contributors to share the “insider’s view,” giving witness to what can arise from the Buddhist/Quaker convergences.

Meditation room

Here are several queries, ones which we hope readers will consider. You need not answer all or any of them, but perhaps they will suggest an opening for you.

  • What do you value of Buddhist faith and practice?
  • What role does Buddhism play in your life?
  • What gifts do you believe Buddhist faith and practice might offer Quakers?
  • How might you integrate the gifts of Buddhism with Quaker faith and practice?
  • What print or online resources do you recommend for Quakers wanting to learn more about Buddhist faith and practice?

Please contact us at blog@universalistfriends.org if you would like to write on this topic.

Here are some earlier Quaker Universalist Conversations posts on the topic:

December — Observing the Winter Solstice

Sacred and secular festivals are a challenge for many modern Quakers.

Friends have a historical testimony against the celebration of special days, because “one day is no more holy than another, as all days are the gift of the most High” [see Friends (Quakers) and Christmas, by Bill Samuel 12/1/1998)].

However, the “return of the light” at Winter Solstice is celebrated by cultures around the world, and many Friends come from families and communities in which winter festivals carry valued personal significance.

For December, we invite contributors to tell us about their personal experiences of Quakerism and the Holidays, as well as about how they understand and acknowledge the cultural importance of this time of year.

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