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Please help us select upcoming blog post themes


The steering committee of Quaker Universalist Fellowship has developed a list of potential blog post themes.

We invite you to let us know your own preferences for themes for the remainder of 2014. Please give this some thought and then send us your prioritizing of the themes. If you have others to add, tell us about those as well.

You can send this information either as a comment attached to this post or as an email sent to blog@universalistfriends.org.

In addition, if you are led to write a post on any of these topics, please send your submissions to blog@universalistfriends.org.

Thanks for your input.


Quaker Universalism and…

  • Christian tradition
  • Early Friends – Both their own writings about universalism and the ways in which universalism was being considered in their era
  • the Testimonies
  • Paganism, mysticism, non-theism, other religions, humanism, science, etc.
  • the uses of language – Language expressing our inner experience
  • Scripture – Including the Bible and scriptures of other religious groups
  • Ritual –The sacraments are in discussion in some programmed meetings. Nature-oriented and pagan rituals have taken place in some unprogrammed meetings, and at yearly meeting gatherings. Is there anything we have to say about this theme?
  • Pacifism – Other pacifist religious groups are clearly based in the life and teachings of Jesus. What do Quaker universalists base their pacifism on?
  • Intimate relationships – Christians cite the Bible for guidance in the conduct of relationships, including intimate relationships. What do Quaker universalists have to say about intimacy and right conduct? Monogamy? Polyamory? Open relationships? Adultery? The role of sexuality? The nature of marriage? Friendship?
  • Parenting – What do we tell our children about the nature of God, the Spirit, the Light? What resources do we use or stories do we tell? How do we interact with our Meetings on these themes for First Day School?
  • Consciousness-altering substances – What Light can we contribute about the use of alcohol, recreational drugs, the legal status of mind altering drugs, including marijuana? What do those of us living through decades of the common availability of these drugs have to say to younger Quakers?


I’d love to hear more about parenting and teaching children about Quaker beliefs.
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