Quaker Universalist Conversations

“My Center”

Republished from Light & Lotus

T. Hamboyan Harrison (who goes by “T.” online), is a convinced Quaker, member of Third Haven Monthly Meeting in Easton, MD. She is also a Buddhist who has taken formal vows and been given the dharma name Tenzing Chödrön (“Truth light holder of the…

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“Why don’t you write me?”

Bridge Over Troubled Waters, by Simon and Garfunkel

Why don’t you write me? I’m out in the jungle … I’m hungry to hear you … Send me a card … I’m waiting so hard … To be near you … — Paul Simon … We’re teasing you as readers, because we want you to write back. Perhaps you are not lead to offer…

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This is my current statement of my tradition: I grew out of the … • Mid-western tradition of the … • U.S. tradition of the … • Quaker tradition of the … • Protestant tradition of the … • Catholic tradition of the … • Jewish tradition of the primordial human condition with…

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