Quaker Universalist Conversations

Open-Heart Urgency

Ever since I was diagnosed with a heart condition, I have rarely gone a month without attending to the needed remedy (for a benign condition). I try to get weekly outdoor exercise and shop for omega-3 foods. I also look to Friends to be just that—an accepting…

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Holistic Education

Earth has a global, electronic, technology, service economy. Industrial Corporations shifted operations to lower cost labor, countries. Calling a business telephone number may reach half-way around the world. Schools are creating one-on-one education with PCs, laptops and…

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On the Spiritual Horizon

It is somewhat common for universalists to argue that, when it comes to the various religions of the world, “all roads up the mountain lead to the same summit.” … Yet, as Douglas V. Steere in Mutual Irradiation: A Quaker View of Ecumenism writes…

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