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Open Theology

A peer-reviewed, open access journal

Open Theology: peer-reviewed, open access journalOpen Theology is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes research articles of established and emerging scholars in the field of religion, relevant from academic and practical points of view addressing religion in its various forms and aspects: historical, theological, sociological, psychological, and other.

The journal does not present views of any particular theological school nor of a particular religious organization. The contributions are written by researchers who represent different religious views. The authors present their research concerning the old religious traditions as well as new religious movements.

Topical issue “Psychotherapy and Religious Values” (ed. P. Scott Richards, Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan 2016), is available online with free downloadable text PDFs.

Here are a few exemplary article titles:

  • “Beyond Mindfulness: Expanding Integration of Spirituality and Religion into Psychotherapy” – Plante, Thomas G.
  • “The Clash of Theism and Liberal Individualism in Psychotherapy: A Case Illustration” – Slife, Brent D. / Scott, Lisa / McDonald, Adam
  • “Spiritual Transcendence in Psychothreapy: A Relational, Pragmatic, and Semiotic Approach” – Salimi, Barbod / Sandage, Steven J. / Stavros, George S.
  • “Spiritual Development through the Chakra Progression: An Explorative Study of Empirically-Derived Profiles of Spiritual Connection” – Drapkin, Jennifer / McClintock, Clayton / Lau, Elsa / Miller, Lisa
  • “Paganism and Counseling: The Development of a Clinical Resource” – Harris, Kevin A. / Panzica, Kate M. / Crocker, Ruth A.

The Facebook profile for Open Theology is at https://www.facebook.com/De-Gruyter-Open-Theology-1337391636276660/ .

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