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Non-theist Friends welcome you!

Is it necessary to believe in God to be a Quaker? To learn how Friends have responded to this question, check out the nontheist Quaker website (http://www.nontheistfriends.org/),  which has some of the following posts:


Nontheistfriends.org presents the work of Friends (Quakers) who are more concerned with the natural than the supernatural. Some of us understand “God” as a symbol of human values and some of us avoid the concept while accepting it as significant to others. We differ greatly in our religious experience and in the meaning we give religious terms.

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What Next for Quaker Nontheism?

Minute and Epistle of the gathering of nontheist Friends at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Britain, Feb 18-20 2011 “There are nontheist Friends… Friends who might be called agnostics, atheists, sceptics, but would nevertheless describe themselves as reverent seekers.”   So began the report of the first formal workshop for nontheist Friends, held in New York State […]

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In Search of Religious Radicalism

By Charley Earp – part 1 – The Radicalization of a Preacher’s Kid

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Doctrinally Open Membership in the Religious Society of Friends

Doctrinally open membership is becoming more accepted by Friends.  What is this method of arriving at membership decisions?  How does it affect other areas of Quaker life and what does this imply for the future of the Religious Society of Friends? The Method Consider a typical Friends meeting.  Members gather in silent worship.  They cooperate […]

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Roots and Flowers of Quaker Nontheism

PART I: ROOTS OF QUAKER NONTHEISM             This is a look at the roots of Quaker nontheism today. Nontheist Friends are powerfully drawn to Quaker practices but they do not accompany this with a faith in God.             Nontheist is an umbrella term covering atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, pantheists and wiccaists. You can combine nontheist […]

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