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July-August Blog Topic: Quaker universalism and intimate relationships


We have stretched out our July-September schedule of blog conversation topics in order to allow more time for contributions from readers. We’ve also added a topic for September.

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July- August 2015 — Quaker universalism and intimate relationships

Christians cite the Bible for guidance in the conduct of relationships, including intimate relationships.

  • What do Quaker universalists have to say about intimacy and right conduct?
  • Monogamy? Polyamory? Open relationships? Adultery?
  • The role of sexuality?
  • The nature of marriage?
  • Friendship?

September 2015 — Finding a “common tongue” in Quaker worship

A common tongue by Craig Barnett and the subsequent Comments from Readers suggest that Friends need ways to worship and to give witness across the illusory boundaries between theist and nontheist, religious and secular, and so on.

  • How might this work?
  • What are your personal experiences on either/all sides of this puzzle?
  • What do you do to bridge the gap, either silently or through words and actions?

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Mike Shell

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