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Interfaith Group Calls for Support of Wisconsin State Workers

By Anthony Manousos

Faithful America is a progressive interfaith organization that stands up for the rights of workers (including those in Wisconsin) and other good causes.  If you want to support the state workers in Wisconsin, here’s an opporunity to do so in a faith-based, interreligious context.

February 22, 2011 

                                                                                                         By now, you’ve probably heard about the Wisconsin Governor’s draconian plan to strip most state workers’ rights to negotiate for fair wages.

As tens of thousands of citizens have gathered in protest, people of faith are raising their voices in support of one of our most fundamental rights: the ability to negotiate fair compensation for our work.

Add your voice. Pledge to support workers.

Our faith traditions are diverse, but one thing that brings us together is the unequivocal support fairness and justice for workers. From Catholics to Protestants, Jews to Unitarians, our faiths uphold the right to organize and negotiate.

We know these are hard times, and getting through it will take shared sacrifice. Our leaders on the state and national level have a tough job and difficult choices to make, but it’s simply immoral to balance a budget on the backs of working families — and it’s simply unacceptable to roll back fundamental human rights.

Share the message that faith stands with workers: speak out today.

With states all over the country considering similar proposals, we want to be perfectly clear: this isn’t about particular contracts or benefits, this is about protecting the fundamental right to fair working conditions — for state workers in Wisconsin, and for each and every one of us.


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