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Are you interested in sharing in the exploration of universalism themes around the Quaker tradition?  Issues of universalism are so important for how we link faith and practice and for our global future together.  The Quaker Univeralist Fellowship Steering Committee would appreciate any expressions of your interest in the QUF for a pool of people who would be interested in editing services and work with the QUF Steering Committee in the future.  If you would be open to this possibility in the future, please send me a note with your interest in universalism themes, your background and talents you could contribute to our work.

 In 2011, three members retired at the ends of their terms on the QUF Steering Committee members:  Sally Rickerman of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Rhoda Gilman of Northern Yearly Meeting and George Amoss of BaltimoreYearly Meeting.  They have provided a great legacy and model of steadfastness and creativity in our shared task over many years.  We are anticipating their continued support and creative contributions in the future as authors and advisors.  The QUF has recently welcomed Mike Shell of Southeastern Yearly Meeting to service on the Steering Committee.

 Today, the QUF Steering Committee is a band of seven Quaker volunteers with a shared concern for exploring the themes of universalism in and around the Quaker tradition and its relationship to our daily practice in living full lives and relating to others. We publish books and pamphlets on these themes and provide forums for Quaker reflection on these themes.  We sponsor the Watson Lecture at Friends General Conference Gatherings and look forward to other forum sponsorship opportunities to engage universalism themes in the future.

 The Steering Committee is a vital voice in Friendly universalism.  We meet monthly via a conference call for one hour and once a year in body. Terms are for 3-years, and are renewable twice.

We are now engaging universalist themes in the Quaker tradition in the new media.  Our blog is http://quakeruniversalist.wordpress.com/.  Our website of accumulated published materials is http://www.universalistfriends.org/. We are on Facebook http at //www.facebook.com/pages/Quaker-Universalist-Fellowship/149944688390397. Our

Publications are also at http://pamphlets.quaker.org/.

 So, we welcome the opportunity to work with other friends in this important service within and beyond the Quaker community.  If you are interested in assisting the QUF SC as an editor, with Internet services or as a participant on the volunteer QUF Steering Committee, please send me your contact information, something about your experience and talents and your interest in our work.

 This is stimulating, learning work in an important cause for Quakers and for the world.  Give this possibility your reflection and let me know your thoughts.

 Larry Spears, Clerk of Quaker Universalist Fellowship  (spears@btinet.net)

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