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Greetings from a British Universalist Friend

Modern Quaker Universalism began in the UK and is still going strong there.  Its mission is defined on its website, which affirms:

The Quaker Universalist Group is an informal group within the Quaker movement based on our understanding that spiritual awareness is accessible to everyone of any religion or none, and that no one faith can claim to have a final revelation or monopoly of truth.”

Those who are interested should consult the QUG website (http://www.qug.org.uk/), which has a wealth of free pamphlets and other materials. Recently, we received this email from the editor of the QUG newsletter. —Anthony Manousos
I have not blogged here before but I find it fascinating reading and I see the the blog as an interactive extension of the journal and the pamphlet, though as has been noted there is a natural bias towards the articulate and prolific. It was ever thus. The only drawback may be the immediacy leads to a lowering of tone or content, but this is not inevitable. On a practical note, I have just assumed responsibility for the e-newsletter of the UK’s Quaker Universalist Group. If anyone has any news they woud like included or to receive a copy (copies go out all over the globe, not just the UK) please let me know.

In friendship, Rupert Booth

To receive a free e-newsletter, contact http://www.qug.org.uk/emaillist.html
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