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Friend Clem Gerdelmann gives us one more brief reflection on Buddhism and Quakerism. Visit his QuakerQuaker page for more of his contributions. Both Buddhism and Quakerism support the realization that “Happiness is an inside job.” … Perspective and attitude, like…

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Pain and Suffering

Both Buddhism and Quakerism embrace paradox. The ways that each of these spiritual paths takes to get to higher and nobler living involves going deeper into the human experience. Thus, the first of “The Four Noble Truths” of Buddhism is, oddly enough, “Pain…

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Best Friend Forever

Clem Gerdelmann had a final contribution to our “Judaism and Quakerism” conversation which we were not able to publish before the end of October. Here it is. The contemporary mystic Richard Rohr postulates that, for every century of human existence, humanity itself…

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