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Topic: Religions

The Meaning of Belief: Religion from an Atheist’s Point of View, by Tim Crane

A Friends Journal review by Brian Drayton

“This book … differs from some recent atheist writings on religion in two ways. First, it is not about the truth of religious belief but about its meaning: what it means to believe in religious ideas, what it means for believers, and what it should mean for nonbelievers too.… Second, it differs from much recent atheism in the picture of religion it draws.” – Author Tim Crane

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A typology of universalisms

“Quaker Universalism in a World Religious Setting,” by Paul Alan Laughlin, in Universalism & Religions: Quaker Universalist Reader Number 2 (2007) Reprinted from Universalist Friends: The Journal of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship, Number 42 Spring/Summer (2005)…

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