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Topic: Quaker testimonies

“The New Lamb’s War,” a blog post by Steven Davison

from Through the Flaming Sword: Exploring Quaker Spirituality, History, Faith and Practice

Quaker blogger Steven Davison writes of himself : I’ve been a Friend since the mid-1980s and I’ve always had a passion for the study of Quakerism—its history, its ‘theology’, its approach to the life of the spirit, both personal and corporate, its…

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Quaker Universalist Fellowship Interview with Daniel A. Seeger

November 11, 2013

Daniel A. Seeger … To download an audio file of this interview of this interview click here. QUF : This is Cherie Roberts of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship, or QUF, as it is known. Today is Monday, November 11, 2013. I am here…

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