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Topic: Interfaith

“Learning To Embrace the Hybrid Jew”

Excerpts from The Jewish Daily Forward

These excerpts from “Learning To Embrace the Hybrid Jew – You Don’t Always Have to Pick Judaism Over Another Religion,” written by Jay Michaelson (2/23/2015), are republished with permission from The Jewish Daily Forum . The…

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“My Center”

Republished from Light & Lotus

T. Hamboyan Harrison (who goes by “T.” online), is a convinced Quaker, member of Third Haven Monthly Meeting in Easton, MD. She is also a Buddhist who has taken formal vows and been given the dharma name Tenzing Chödrön (“Truth light holder of the…

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On the Spiritual Horizon

It is somewhat common for universalists to argue that, when it comes to the various religions of the world, “all roads up the mountain lead to the same summit.” … Yet, as Douglas V. Steere in Mutual Irradiation: A Quaker View of Ecumenism writes…

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