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Topic: Interfaith

Religion and Violence

Badshah Khan and Sayyid Qutb

People in the traditions of Christianity and Islam have partial experiences of both violent and peaceful conducting of conflict. Neither is perfect. Neither community is clean or clear from bad motives, fringe renegades and duplicity. Yet both communities have internal resources…

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The Salvation of Aliens

Reflections on Saving the Original Sinner by Karl Giberson

Two Christian theologians discuss, given God’s plan of salvation from the Christian tradition, whether aliens on another planet will need their own separate savior or whether Christ will be the savior for the whole universe. One theologian argues that aliens would need a savior…

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On Being a Quaker Universalist

When I first started to attend Quaker meeting as a young adult, I was immediately drawn into the experience of deep, expectant opening to a living sacred presence, both within myself and among those of us present. This was and is an experience of a profound encounter with…

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