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Topic: Education

Higher Education Student Debt

A Book Review of Steven Brint, Two Cheers for Higher Education (2018)

Steven Brint, Two Cheers for Higher Education: Why American Universities Are Stronger Than Ever-and How to Meet the Challenges They Face (2018) is an optimistic and clarifying presentation of the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges faced by higher education in the U.S. and, by…

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Quaker Universalist Friendly Studies & Bible Translations

6 sets of Friendly study resources (free PDF downloads)

The Quaker Universalist Friendlies are practical procedures for productive Bible study, Faith and Practice Study, and universal scripture study in a manner consistent with Friends’ testimonies. Their purpose and that of the spiritual life inventory is to provide practical assistance to Quakers in their spiritual journeys.

The Bible translations are coupled with downloadable commentaries to assist readers and the participants in discussion. The commentaries emphasize the significant, distinguishing elements of these accurate translations, and should be particularly helpful to children.

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Holistic Education

Earth has a global, electronic, technology, service economy. Industrial Corporations shifted operations to lower cost labor, countries. Calling a business telephone number may reach half-way around the world. Schools are creating one-on-one education with PCs, laptops and…

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