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Topic: Children

Sustained Kid Talk

When Kids Ask Hard Questions: Faith-filled Responses for Tough Topics by Bromleigh McCleneghan and Kate Ware Jackson - A Book Review

B. McCleneghan and K. Jackson, When Kids Ask Hard Questions: Faith-filled Responses for Tough Topics  (2019) has a broad subject scope. The…

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Our Story

A review of Peter Atkins, Conjuring the Universe: the origins of the laws of nature (2018)

It is a universal human need and challenge to hold a story of the workings of the universe, seeking a simple, clear narrative from experienced complexity in order to understand reality as a whole.   That held story receives some…

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In the Children’s Best Interests, by Lynne Taylor – A Review

Unaccompanied Children in American-Occupied Germany, 1945-1952

Lynne Taylor’s In the Children’s Best Interests is a timely reminder of the universal plight of migrating children throughout history. It highlights the chronic inadequacy of government mechanisms for the management of their needs and lives. More telling, it shocks us with the recognition that our current national and global controversy over refugees from violence is just the latest in a string of moral failures.

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