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What Do We Know About Bible Values?

A Book Review of John J. Collins, What are Biblical Values? What the Bible Says on Key Ethical Issues (2019)

Adults are puzzled.  Students are skeptical.  Parents are fearful. What can the Bible say that is helpful for ethical discernment and how do we trust the Bible on these subjects?  The Bible appears to many as sexist, violent, homophobic…

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I Have Called You Friends

A Quaker Universalist’s Understanding of Jesus

Let the first concern of the friends of Jesus be to cooperate with and to encourage, rather than to convert, anyone who is already promoting the Realm of God on earth. Let us look forward to a new millennium when all humankind’s great religions will collaborate full-heartedly in the mutual building up of a civilization based on love. Let us recognize that while spiritual life in its externals often presents us with a bewildering diversity, the saints of each spiritual tradition are practically indistinguishable from each other in their lives, their way of being. Though their theological concepts may be different, their feelings and conduct are amazingly similar. They dwell in love, and God dwells in them because God is love. In the beautiful prayer with which he closes his final discourse in the Gospel of John, Jesus acknowledges that he came so that “all might be One.” Increasingly in this modern age, the capacity to apprehend the One in the many constitutes the special responsibility of those who would dwell in love. As we embrace our heritage for the new millennium, may this capacity to apprehend the One in the many, and the love it expresses, be our special gift as the friends of Jesus to people of all faiths everywhere!

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