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Guide for authors

Blog articles and comments

QUF welcomes blog posts and comments on posts. We invite contributions of posts on universalism themes and the Quaker tradition. You may submit such posts to blog@universalistfriends.org for review using the form below.

Comments on posts are also moderated before publication. QUF encourages the expression of differing opinions. However, posts and comments must be respectful of others, with no personal attacks, threats, or vulgar language.

Book and article manuscripts

QUF welcomes book and article manuscripts. All submitted article manuscripts are subject to review prior to posting on the QUF website.

The standards for articles are minimal: Book and article manuscripts must address universalism themes and the Quaker tradition, and must not attack or threaten individuals or use vulgar language.

Please contact QUF using the form below for more information on book and article manuscript submissions.

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