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Best Friend Forever

Clem Gerdelmann had a final contribution to our “Judaism and Quakerism” conversation which we were not able to publish before the end of October. Here it is. The contemporary mystic Richard Rohr postulates that, for every century of human existence, humanity itself…

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Bi-religious Duality

To introduce our November conversation on Buddhism and Quakerism, T. Hamboyan Harrison (who goes by “T.” online) has given us permission to republish the following post from her blog, Light & Lotus. T. is a convinced Quaker and member of Third Haven Monthly…

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Friend Stanley, I am very grateful to you for this post, for my own 63-year path has been a long one of rediscovering and re-embracing the Yeshua of my 1950s Lutheran preacher’s kid childhood. In my late 30s, having quested through Pagan and Buddhist realms of…

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