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On discernment

A month ago we published our interview with Daniel A. Seeger. Reading through this interview to find an extract for a promotional blog post, I found one passage in particular which speaks to my condition. Friend Seeger writes: I practiced a kind of smorgasbord approach, or…

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A Message in Time of War

George Amoss Jr., a former member of the QUF Steering Committee, is an active participant in worship and other activities, including Experiment with Light, at Homewood Friends Meeting in Baltimore, MD, and at Little Falls Meeting in Fallston, MD. This…

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Géza Vermès’ Dream

Géza Vermès was a prolific Hungarian Jewish “historical Jesus” scholar and translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls who died on May 8th (see this 1994 interview, Escape and Rescue—An Interview with Géza Vermès, and this eulogy by…

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On curing and healing

On what turned out to be the last day of my mother’s life, when Alzheimer’s Syndrome was ending her body’s ability to breathe independently, nursing staff called me early in the morning to say she was not keeping food down. As I said hello to her, Mom looked up…

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