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Fearing “God”

During a one-month practice period (dathun) at the Buddhist Gampo Abbey in the spring of 1989, Pema Chödrön gave morning talks to encourage participants “to use the abundant material of daily life as their primary teacher and guide.” … Midway…

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Elias Hicks and his sources

In August, Friend Barbara Alison Bryant shared two passages from Elias Hicks (1748-1830). Here she offers some information about sources Hicks may have been influenced by. (See the previous post’s “Resources on Elias Hicks” for additional information.) While…

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Observations of Elias Hicks

Friend Barbara Alison Bryant offers us two passages from Elias Hick (1748-1830), an eminent Quaker minister from Jericho, Long Island, N.Y. In the 1820s, a religious controversy within the Society of Friends which focused on Hicks’ ministry led to the Hicksite-Orthodox…

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“I’m with Jack”

Poet Michele Madigan Somerville (see her blog, Fresh Poetry Daily) is the author of WISEGAL and Black Irish . She lives in New York City. The following is excerpted from her article “I’m with Jack” in the…

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“Do not be afraid”

Stephan Finlan is pastor of Mathewson Street United Methodist Church, Providence, Rhode Island. He has taught theology at Fordham, Drew, Seton Hall, and Durham Universities. He is author of The Apostle Paul and the Pauline Tradition (2008), Options on…

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