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Christian Universalisms

Just as there are many “Christianities,” there are many forms of “Christian Universalism.” … I seek to follow the faith and practice of the historical Jesus, regardless of how later belief systems and their enforcers may have reinterpreted his ministry to…

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The Universality of Christ

Wayne Ferguson has offered to share with us several posts from the blog Getting to Know Jesus in the 21st Century . In the introduction to the blog, he writes: The purpose of this blog, and the little book after which it is named, is to point— more or less…

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Enlightenment and Discernment

Yun Choi Yeung is from Hong Kong and has been living in the United Kingdom since October 2010. Yun is promoting the exercise program of “Exercise as if we were in the Garden of Eden” in the UK and China, and has have just completed a missional evaluation of this…

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Religious Magic

Winston Davis’ “Religion, Briefly Considered” series: Part 1: Darwin’s Dog, or the Evolution of Religion … Part 2: When You Wish upon a Star: The Projection Theory of Religion … Part 3: Carving the Buddha: Was Feuerbach Right?. Part 4: Dojo: Rethinking…

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