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On Being a Quaker Universalist

When I first started to attend Quaker meeting as a young adult, I was immediately drawn into the experience of deep, expectant opening to a living sacred presence, both within myself and among those of us present. This was and is an experience of a profound encounter with…

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“Do not be afraid”

Stephan Finlan is pastor of Mathewson Street United Methodist Church, Providence, Rhode Island. He has taught theology at Fordham, Drew, Seton Hall, and Durham Universities. He is author of The Apostle Paul and the Pauline Tradition (2008), Options on…

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Best Friend Forever

Clem Gerdelmann had a final contribution to our “Judaism and Quakerism” conversation which we were not able to publish before the end of October. Here it is. The contemporary mystic Richard Rohr postulates that, for every century of human existence, humanity itself…

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A Free Space

by Gail Rogers … During my 35 years as a Friend, I have heard various people say “I don’t fit in because I am a Christian,” or “I don’t feel welcome because I am not Christian,” or “I feel connected to nature in my spirituality…

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In Praise of Gandhi: Technology And The Ordering Of Human Relations

During the 20th century, Friends were deeply influenced by Gandhi’s concept of nonviolent resistance as a tool for social and political change. They have been less sympathetic to his ideas on technology, although as Sibley makes clear, those ideas were rooted in Gandhi’s religious beliefs and in a testimony of simplicity not unlike that of traditional Quakers.

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