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More on what Universalist Friends believe

published 3357 days ago in Blog

…and enduring Quaker roots and have found that liberal Quakerism is most like the centered lives we were taught to … educator, author. I feel no need to defend liberal Quakerism; our lives speak for themselves. Being raised to … not believe. Likewise, I find his assertion that liberal Quakerism “is not about content” similarly … and backgrounds. One of the joys of liberal Quakerism for me is the breadth of experience and wisdom … other book or speech or source. The content of liberal Quakerism for me is the experience of this presence, this …

The Authenticity of Liberal Quakerism

published 8915 days ago in Publications

…than I will ever be. Theologically, I define Liberal Quakerism as: An ongoing effort to make visible a … a result of not requiring a Christian commitment liberal Quakerism lacks identity and limits, in a few moments. This … the current mixed theological character of liberal Quakerism is the outcome of a long process of communal … serve as the imaginative previsioning of the path liberal Quakerism has trod since. To see what I mean, let’s … “universalist” to describe modern liberal Quakerism. The much more accurate, if uneuphonious …