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“On Mediation” by Mary Klein

Love and truth spring forth in all times and all places – even in the hearts of chaos and corruption. We strive to follow the Good Way, but only in vain can we define it. Dust devils of DNA whirl down the generations, rampaging, making things new, making things fit, breaking eggs to make omelettes. To our surprise, we arrive in this life. Then we do our best to do the right thing, never really knowing all the good and all the damage we are causing.

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“On Neighbors,” by Mary Klein

Our enemies are the delusions that persuade us to choose empire over love: the delusion that nothing is worse than death, the delusion that I have the right to feel good, the delusion that people should want to do what I want them to.

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A Quakerly Dance Form

During the Contact Improvisation class at Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2018, we explored ways to connect and move through the language of touch, how to vary pressure to create stability or momentum, how to touch reassuringly to communicate trustworthiness.

We explored ways of giving and taking weight, and generating three-dimensional aspects to dancing. People rolled onto the floor and onto each other’s bodies. All this was done through deep listening, responsiveness to others’ physical invitations, and checking in with one’s own essential self for boundary making.

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“On weapons,” by Mary Klein

Inside our fortifications, ideally, scarcity and excess are minimized as we “give us this day our daily bread;” but in actuality, scarcity and excess are the pumping pistons of empire, trampling our planet today.

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We cannot live outside of history

Dear Friends: Our bodies cannot live outside of history, nor can we live outside of history’s cruelty, its “mixing memory and desire.” Rowing our boats with our backs toward the future, we despair at the carnage we watch flowing out from our wakes—oceans choked by our poisons, lives crushed by our bigotry, truth and kindness twisted by our greed. Some bits of beauty bob along, too. But it’s easy to view the whole scene as basically grim.

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Occupy movement and Friends

Quakers were among the first religious group to become actively engaged with the Occupy movement, as I learned when I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and attended a Quaker meeting for worship at an Occupy encampment at City Hall under the shadow of William Penn. Friends and…

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Traveling in the ministry

By Anthony Manousos … In a thoughtful response to Rachel Stacy’s post, Steven Davison asks if she has asked her meeting for a letter of support or traveling minute. I am very glad that Steven raised this point since I have found this ancient custom of Friends to be very…

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