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Friendly Bible Translations

published 364 days ago in Bookstore

…Friendly Bible Translations is a Resource for Friendly Bible Study in Quaker … Meetings The Friendly Bible Translations were prepared for use with the Friendly Bible … and in First Day School in Quaker Meetings. These translations were first published in a newsletter, Word of … Fellowship (QUF). These Friendly Bible Translations are found under the heading of “The Friendlies” … in the Second (New) Testament. The Friendly Bible Translations are coupled with downloadable commentaries on …

Quaker Universalist Friendly Studies
& Bible Translations

published 331 days ago in Blog

…Bible Resources by Joanne Spears Friendly Bible Translations These translations were prepared for use with the … the Second (New) Testament. These central Bible translations are sensitive to accuracy in the use of gendered … structure and syntax. The author used these translations in her Bible Half Hour presentations at Friends … and death. Backgrounds on Friendly Bible Translations Why a Bible Translated for Children Children’s … Language Bible Translation Reader Comments The translations are coupled with Backgrounds on Friendly Bible …