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Friendly Bible Translations

published 574 days ago in Bookstore

…Friendly Bible Translations is a Resource for Friendly Bible Study in Quaker … Meetings The Friendly Bible Translations were prepared for use with the Friendly Bible … and in First Day School in Quaker Meetings. These translations were first published in a newsletter, Word of … Fellowship (QUF). These Friendly Bible Translations are found under the heading of “The Friendlies” … on our website. The passages for translation were selected from the books of Genesis and Joana …

Open Theology: Bible Translation issue
(ed. Mark L. Strauss)

published 1409 days ago in Blog

…The journal has just published its “Bible Translation” topical issue in free, downloadable PDF format. … the Bible not in its original languages, but in a translation…. Every translation is an interpretation, an … best to do this has raged through the centuries…. Translation is much more than a mechanical task; it is both a … takes on even greater gravity. The first major translation of the Bible was the Septuagint, the rendering of … Since then there have been tens of thousands of translations into the vernacular of various people groups …

Quaker Universalist Friendly Studies
& Bible Translations

published 541 days ago in Blog

…Bible Resources by Joanne Spears Friendly Bible Translations These translations were prepared for use with … the Second (New) Testament. These central Bible translations are sensitive to accuracy in the use of gendered … structure and syntax. The author used these translations in her Bible Half Hour presentations at Friends … from Hebrew and Greek, as parts of a larger translation plan for the Bible as a whole. Completion of this … larger translation plan was interrupted by health problems, …

A Garden Grows

published 2174 days ago in Bookstore

…of Nazi Germany. In this book, I provide a translation of Albrecht’s perceptions of Quakerism. … a gardening club. The drawings throughout my translation are from “The Little Gardeners’ Album”. I think …

Universalism and the Tao of Quakerism

published 3515 days ago in Blog

…religion akin to Quakerism. Herrymon Maurer’s translation and commentary on the Tao Teh Ching is the only … be challenged and inspired by Herrymon’s unique translation and commentary on the Tao Teh Ching. Herrymon …

God’s language

published 1124 days ago in Blog

…If God uses many languages, how do we manage the translation process. How do Christians understand “jihad”? …

Page 575 and the Quaker Bible

published 974 days ago in Blog

…biblical text in its original languages, and its translation of those texts into various vernacular languages, … of the Protestant Reformation. While this translation process created controversies, it also helped the …