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Exit West and Immigrants

published 1277 days ago in Blog

…Exit West is a novel exploring the experience of refugees in this world, with a little magic in the … mechanism of magic doors that permit refugees to engage with the real experiences of refugees

“Two Faces of Liberty,” by Lilith Quinlan

published 728 days ago in Blog

…policy in Central America and the treatment of refugees entering as a result of those policies. The word … came by there awhile back. Mine did—economic refugees—from Ireland when the potato crop failed). A … and deporting men, women, and children who are refugees fleeing the violence in Central America that we … churches and synagogues offering hospitality to refugees from Central America. We join 12 other churches … waiting for refugees to enter their sanctuaries. The arrests of church …

What should I do?

published 1362 days ago in Blog

…that the whole surface was filled with sleeping refugees. As I came down toward the building entrance I … authorities have imposed further restrictions on refugees trying to cross the border, saying only those …

“Practicing Entanglement,” by Elizabeth Aeschlimann

published 1069 days ago in Blog

…“I don’t think we have any choice but to smuggle refugees across the border,” Corbett told him. The failure … that would dissuade us from it. When Jewish refugees fled to the little French town of Le Chambon and … “The whole congregation got mixed up with the refugees and their stories and why they fled.” During the … (Penguin Press, 2013), 50. Image: “Salvadorean Refugees,” from “How CARECEN Got Involved with the …

Recovering History: Hans Albrecht & the Quakers of Nazi Germany

published 2139 days ago in Blog

…to 1945 the shelter housed almost 1,000 European refugees, predominantly of Jewish descent. After World War … Oswego, New York: Wartime Haven for Jewish Refugees, by Carole Garbuny Vogel, published in Avotaynu , … College at Oswego to European WWII Refugees, by mrsmillich on HubPages.com 2 “When the …

Rescuing Romans 13:1-7

published 817 days ago in Blog

…to the United States from Central America are refugees seeking asylum from violence in their homelands. … the struggles and harsh realities of economic refugees traveling through the Sonoran desert to reach the …

Listening in Tongues

published 3128 days ago in Blog

…[other] Friends, who often come to Quakerism as refugees from Christian churches of the kind Jesus was … How do I speak with either orthodox Christians or refugees from Christendom or non-Christians or …

An Open Letter to My Christian Quaker Friends: Part 1 of 2

published 2621 days ago in Blog

…of Friends, and some of those immigrants are refugees from religious war zones. Accepting that with … pains around non-Christian Friends and religious refugees in what is, essentially, their spiritual home … denominator with non-Christian Friends, spiritual refugees or no. What is required is to stay low to the …