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Seeing beyond Identities

In “Seeing beyond the Projections” (9/7/2015), I voiced my concern that modern Friends across the spectrum tend to perceive liberal or universalist Quakerism as representing anything but Christianity. As Wendy Geiger has put it so gracefully in her commen…

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On Being a Quaker Universalist

When I first started to attend Quaker meeting as a young adult, I was immediately drawn into the experience of deep, expectant opening to a living sacred presence, both within myself and among those of us present. This was and is an experience of a profound encounter with…

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Religious Magic

Winston Davis’ “Religion, Briefly Considered” series: Part 1: Darwin’s Dog, or the Evolution of Religion … Part 2: When You Wish upon a Star: The Projection Theory of Religion … Part 3: Carving the Buddha: Was Feuerbach Right?. Part 4: Dojo: Rethinking…

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