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Tolerance & Intolerance: Two Timely Reviews

published 336 days ago in Blog

…Our world is escalating toward the sort of brutal intolerance of “the Other” that led to World War II. This … to our depth perception regarding tolerance and intolerance, though without offering solutions. Denis … and Anja Reumschussel’s American Intolerance indicts the United States for its terrible … history of official and populist intolerance toward each new influx of immigrants. In both … cohabitation in diversity and some are not. Intolerance is sneaky and constantly corrupts tolerance. …

An Open Letter to My Christian Quaker Friends: Part 1 of 2

published 2502 days ago in Blog

…some among us non-Christians have experienced intolerance and abuse in the name of Jesus, or bear scars … out in the world. There’s a whole lot of intolerance out there, masquerading in what my … of compassion and love. The victims of that intolerance do deserve tenderness and care. There are many …