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History and background

The Quaker Universalist Fellowship (QUF) was founded in 1983 by a group of concerned Quakers (members of the Religious Society of Friends) interested in the experience of the Quaker Universalist Group in Britain Yearly Meeting, and who wished to…

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Who is Jesus for me?

I believe Jesus was “sent” by God in the sense that he walked fully with God – acted out of that place of love at all times, fully lived as we are meant to live. He was our model for all we are capable of being and doing…. I think Jesus had the impact he did because he was showing us what kind of attitude and behavior makes us right with the world, how the world and we really work.

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Public Apology and Reparations

Edwin L. Battistella’s book Sorry About That is a compilation and analysis of stories of pubic apologies in the primarily U.S. experience. Leaders everywhere make apologies, yet apology-phobia is a global disability. Apology is complex in human relationships. Effective public apologies are even more complex. Public apologies differ with cultural context, just as personal apologies differ in language and timing.

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A Quakerly Dance Form

During the Contact Improvisation class at Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2018, we explored ways to connect and move through the language of touch, how to vary pressure to create stability or momentum, how to touch reassuringly to communicate trustworthiness.

We explored ways of giving and taking weight, and generating three-dimensional aspects to dancing. People rolled onto the floor and onto each other’s bodies. All this was done through deep listening, responsiveness to others’ physical invitations, and checking in with one’s own essential self for boundary making.

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Existence After Death

John S. Garrison’s Shakespeare and the Afterlife is, on the surface, a study of the views and devices used by William Shakespeare in his plays and poetry in treating the nature and activities of existence after death. More deeply, though, this book is a meditation on the variety of contemporary views about existence after death….

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Welcome to the Quaker Universalist Voice

In this time when the news is hard to watch or listen to, finding the Light in all and common ground among us is more important than ever.

During our annual Steering Committee meeting in October, we again affirmed that we seek truth to guide practice in the Quaker tradition.

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Gail Rogers, Clerk

Our Mission

About Us

The Quaker Universalist Fellowship engages seekers of all religious, spiritual, and secular approaches in a dialog of free expression and active listening. Our aim is to learn from each other, and to identify the common truths and understanding that guide our lives and actions.
QUF welcomes participation from all branches of Friends (Quakers), as well as from the wider world community. We create opportunities for learning and dialog through such resources and forums as publications, website, blog, conferences, lectures, and social media.

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Baltimore YM North Korea Minute & Letter from Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)-Korea Facilitators

NOTE: Friends Committee on National Legislation asks all of us to write our Congress people urging to pass H.R. 4837, the NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL STRIKE AGAINST NORTH KOREA ACT.

This post reproduces the “Baltimore Yearly Meeting North Korea Minute,” during BYM’s Annual Sessions at Frederick, Maryland on 8/6/17, together with a letter from the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)–Korea Facilitators.

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Quaker Bonds

How do Quakers manage financial investments in a socially responsible way? How can Quakers translate faith into practice with their investments for the universal benefit of us all? Current careful investment wisdom provides for some social screening gestures

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