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A Quaker Response to Christian Fundamentalism

published 3464 days ago in Blog

…Friends are unprepared to meet the challenges of Christian fundamentalism. When acquaintances, co-workers or neighbors … of this pamphlet is to help Friends understand Christian fundamentalism and our differences from it, so that they will … what they think in response to the challenge of Christian fundamentalism. While they are likely to find many points of … This pamphlet is a response specifically to Christian fundamentalism. By fundamentalism I do not mean the many other … There are, of course, many Quaker responses to Christian fundamentalism. This pamphlet could not possibly represent all …

Revisiting A Quaker’s Response to Christian Fundamentalism

published 983 days ago in Blog

…Sallie wrote A Quaker’s Response to Christian Fundamentalism as a Quaker Universalist Fellowship pamphlet … is the table of contents: Introduction What Is Christian Fundamentalism? The Light Within and Human Sinfulness Spirit in …