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The Canaanite woman: Recognizing kinship

“Jesus’ own vision of his ministry was more universal than you say. This is one of our key stories which illustrate the movement within Jesus during his lifetime enabling him to see his mission as one including us. This woman…is indeed for us the foremother of the mission which includes us as Gentiles. Just as she won healing and wholeness for her daughter, so too she won it for us, her daughters and sons today.”

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Seeing beyond Identities

In “Seeing beyond the Projections” (9/7/2015), I voiced my concern that modern Friends across the spectrum tend to perceive liberal or universalist Quakerism as representing anything but Christianity. As Wendy Geiger has put it so gracefully in her commen…

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Christian Universalisms

Just as there are many “Christianities,” there are many forms of “Christian Universalism.” … I seek to follow the faith and practice of the historical Jesus, regardless of how later belief systems and their enforcers may have reinterpreted his ministry to…

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A typology of universalisms

“Quaker Universalism in a World Religious Setting,” by Paul Alan Laughlin, in Universalism & Religions: Quaker Universalist Reader Number 2 (2007) Reprinted from Universalist Friends: The Journal of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship, Number 42 Spring/Summer…

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