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Friendly Bible Translations

published 521 days ago in Bookstore

…Friendly Bible Translations is a Resource for Friendly Bible … Study in Quaker Meetings The Friendly Bible Translations were prepared for use with the … Friendly Bible Study and in First Day School in Quaker Meetings. … Universalist Fellowship (QUF). These Friendly Bible Translations are found under the heading of “The … John in the Second (New) Testament. The Friendly Bible Translations are coupled with downloadable …

Quaker Universalist Friendly Studies
& Bible Translations

published 489 days ago in Blog

…are practical procedures for productive Bible study, Faith and Practice Study, and universal … with study questions for distribution. Friendly Bible Study and Bookmarks Friendly Faith and Practice … discover as you explore these resources. Friendly Bible Resources by Joanne Spears Friendly Bible … were prepared for use with the Friendly Bible Study and in First Day Schools of Quaker … John in the Second (New) Testament. These central Bible translations are sensitive to accuracy in the use …

Quaker Universalist Friendlies

published 580 days ago in Bookstore

…are practical procedures for productive Bible study, Faith and Practice Study, and universal … first practical Friendlies are four: Friendly Bible Study Friendly Faith and Practice Study Friendly …

Open Theology: Bible Translation issue
(ed. Mark L. Strauss)

published 1357 days ago in Blog

…of religion. The journal has just published its “Bible Translation” topical issue in free, downloadable … For hundreds of millions of people, the Bible is a key source of guidance for ethical … vast majority of people in the world access the Bible not in its original languages, but in a … questions of methodology is the reality that the Bible is a sacred text, viewed by (most of) its readers … gravity. The first major translation of the Bible was the Septuagint, the rendering of the Hebrew …

Page 575 and the Quaker Bible

published 922 days ago in Blog

…The New Cambridge History of the Bible: From 1450-1750 (Volume 3) , edited by Euan … Cameron (2016). The New Cambridge History of the Bible is a four-volume scholarly project on the history … of the use and abuse of the Bible. It is a model for how humans reflect and update … of new methods in the study of the Christian Bible, and it reflects the broad perspectives of … scholars, because it addresses the use of the Bible during the period that covers the innovation of …

Revisiting A Quaker’s Response to Christian Fundamentalism

published 983 days ago in Blog

…goes to a Baptist church…and attends Bible study. She tells me Quakers need a “bottom line” … of diverse interpretations of that verse. The Bible itself is a conversation between the prophets, … editors, patriarchs of different ages. Her Bible study leader told her that Islam was not a true … the Qur’an is what many Christians wish the Bible was. There is no disagreement with Muhammad, but … Light Within and Human Sinfulness Spirit in the Bible Religious Education Bible Jesus Christ Salvation …

“Emotional Intelligence and Sola Scriptura”

published 1649 days ago in Blog

…Cash, the demonology of Scooby-Doo or his latest bible class on monsters. The following is excerpted … people know that they are trying to read the bible in an unbiased fashion. Self-aware people work … hard to let the bible speak clearly and it its own voice. But … baggage affecting how they are reading the bible, baggage that they know must be biasing their … the issue of sola scriptura 2 —using “the bible alone” —there is more to this than pointing …

Please help us select upcoming blog post themes

published 2283 days ago in Blog

…our inner experience Scripture – Including the Bible and scriptures of other religious groups Ritual … on? Intimate relationships – Christians cite the Bible for guidance in the conduct of relationships, …