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Quaker Universalist Fellowship Interview with Daniel A. Seeger

published Mar 15, 11:36 AM in Publications

…1960s. He abandoned physics, and served on the American Friends Service Committee staff for a total of 29 years, first as College … back twice to serve in interim capacities at the American Friends Service Committee, once as Regional Director in California and once … Court case and one was related to my work with American Friends Service Committee. As you mentioned in your introduction, I was … telephone directory and found my way to the local American Friends Service Committee office for draft counseling. I brought with me my … to back them up. But the staff members of the American Friends Service Committee were apparently frequently meeting people whom …

Trust: My Experience of Quakerism’s Greatest Gift

published May 10, 10:57 PM in Publications

…“official” groups, such as the American Friends Service Committee or Friends Committee on National Legislation, nor … Peace Prize for all Quakers as the chair of the American Friends Service Committee. Knowing that he would need a tail coat to appear …