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Language for Comfort and Clarity Helps Us All Grope Toward Truth

Grace Kim is one of the leading feminist lights in the Asian evangelical Christian community in the United States, which is the winner among church-building communities in American Christianity.  She is a prolific writer and public…


J. Todd Billings, The End of the Christian Life: How Embracing Our Mortality Frees Us to Truly Live

For sound families, what are the standards?

For sound families, what are the standards to which we hold ourselves?  Should all families be the same all the time or are there, for families, both universal standards and culturally relative standards to be respected? …


D. Hart, The New Testament: A Translation

Responsible Death

Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart, The Peaceful Pill Handbook

Animal Consciousness

What It’s Like to be a Bird by David Sibley(Knopf, 2020) is an addition to other books about human observation of other…