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Books and Study Guides

Books published or promoted by Quaker Universalist Fellowship, and study guides which include Friendly Bible translations, practical procedures for productive Bible study, Faith and Practice Study, and universal scripture study.

Backgrounds on Friendly Bible Translations

These commentaries accompany the Friendly Bible Translations to assist readers and the participants in discussion groups and First Day School.

The translations are sensitive to accuracy in the use of gendered pronouns and are structured to comply with modern standards of simple sentence structure and syntax. The commentaries emphasize the significant, distinguishing elements of accurate translation and should be particularly helpful to children.

Each commentary is downloadable separately as meets your interest and need.

The Friendly Bible Translations were prepared by Quaker Joanne Spears from Hebrew and Greek, as parts of a larger translation plan for the Bible as a whole. Completion of this larger translation plan was interrupted by health problems, dementia, and death.

Friendly Bible Translations

Friendly Bible Translations is a resource for Friendly Bible Study in Quaker Meetings. See below for full description and background information.

Quaker Universalist Friendlies

The Friendlies are practical procedures for productive Bible study, Faith and Practice Study, and universal scripture study in a manner consistent with Friends’ testimonies. Their purpose, and that of the spiritual life inventory, is to provide practical assistance to Quakers in their spiritual journeys. See below for an introduction to this resource.

Universalism and Spirituality

A collection of essays and articles: 1 – God as Metaphor; 2 – What God?; 3 – Spiritual Experiences; 4 – Spiritual Journeys; 5 – Spirituality & Mysticism; 6 – Spirituality & Science

Universalism and Religions

A collection of essays & articles: 1 – What is Universalism?; 2 – What is Universal?; 3 – Universalism & Quakerism; 4 – Universalism & Christianity; 5 – Universalism & Non-Christian Religions

Quaker Universalism

A collection of essays, addresses and lectures about Quaker universalist themes, including John Linton’s original lecture in 1977, the first six essays originally published by the British Quaker Universalist group, spurred by this lecture, and a lecture given at Friends General Conference by Daniel Seeger in 1984.

Eastern Light

This spiritual autobiography integrates perspectives of early Quakers, Zen Buddhists, and contemporary Christian thinkers. Smith draws from these sources as he tells a personal tale of his Quaker childhood, his years of spiritual crisis, and his ultimate return to Quakerism by way of Zen Buddhism. Along the way, Smith explores and explains the Quaker peace testimony and liberal Quaker views of gender, power, education, and care for the natural world.

A Garden Grows

A driving force behind the efforts of German Quakers to assist those persecuted by the Nazi government was Hans Albrecht, Clerk of the German Yearly Meeting 1927-1947. As the representative of the German Friends at the Berlin Center, Albrecht advised German Jews and others…

Listening To Hear: Deepening Faith, Nurturing Community

• Buy ebook from QuakerBooks $2.99 … Levering states that Quakerism is a listening spirituality fundamental to the Quaker way of worship and of doing business. Using Bible stories, early Quaker wisdom, and personal experiences, she describes how listening to…

Quakers and the Interfaith Movement

A guide to interfaith peacemaking from a Quaker perspective, edited by Anthony Manousos. This handbook consists of writings by Quakers who have played significant roles in the interfaith movement and have helpful advice and insights to offer. While this book will be useful for all who are concerned about interfaith peacemaking and dialogue.