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Selections from Quaker Universalist Publications:

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Online Publications

2010Angell, Stephen W.A Quaker in Iran
2009King, Sallie B.A Quaker's Response to Christian Fundamentalism
2009Gillman, HarveyWhat is Spirituality?
2008Riemermann, JamesMystery: It's What We Don't Know
2008Rickerman, SallyTrust: My Experience of Quakerism's Greatest Gift
2007Gilman, Rhoda R.The Universality of Unknowing
2007Seeger, Daniel A.Commerce, Community, and the Regulations of Universal Love
2006Gilk, Paul Radiant In Joy
2006Williams, Patricia A.Hazardous Engagement:   God Makes a Friend,
2005Boulton, DavidMilitant Seedbeds Of Early Quakerism  
2005Sibley, Mulford Q.In Praise of Gandhi Technology And The Ordering Of Human Relations
2004Rush, DavidThey Too Are Friends A Survey of 199 Nontheist Friends
2004Seeger, DanThe Mystical Path: Pilgrimage To The One Who Is Always Here,
2003Gilman, RhodaReview: Essays in Radical Quakerism by David Boulton
2003Wood, FrankWalking the Talk
2002Fox, GeorgeFifty nine Particulars
2001Schmoe, FloydWhy Is Man?
2001Sells, MichaelThe Generous Qur'an
2001Waiting and Resting in the True Silence: Three Essays from Friends Bulletin
2000Sibley, Milford Q.Quaker Mysticism: Its Context and Implications
1999Rickerman, SallyGrowing Up Quaker and Universalist Too
1998Amoss, GeorgeReforming Christianity
1998Morgan, Arthur E.Should Quakers Receive The Good Samaritan Into Their Membership?
1998Mulford Q. Sibley & Rhoda R. GilmanAuthority and Mysticism in Quaker and Buddhist Thought
1997Alpern, RobinWhy Not Join the Unitarians?
1997Seeger, Daniel A.I Have Called You Friends: A Quaker Universalist's Understanding of Jesus
1996Amoss, GeorgeOn Silent Worship
1996Cadbury, Henry J.A Quaker Approach to the Bible
1996Fager, ChuckThe Authenticity of Liberal Quakerism
1995Gilman, RhodaToward a New Universalism
1995Hodgkin, DavidQuakerism: A Mature Religion for Today,
1995van der Sprenkel, OttoFriends and Other Faiths,
1994Conlon, EmilyWilliam Penn, Quaker Universalist
1994Knudsen-Hoffman, GeneSpirit and Trauma,
1994Nicholson, JohnThe Place of Prayer Is A Precious Habitation,
1994Swayne, KingdonUniversalism and Me
1992Balling, PeterThe Light upon the Candlestick,
1992Gwyn, DouglasThe Quaker Dynamic: Personal Faith and Corporate Vision
1992Hearing Where The Words Come From Four Perspectives
1991Seeger, Daniel A.The Boundaries of our Faith A Reflection on the Practice of Goddess Spirituality
1991Watson, ElizabethJourney to Universalism
1990Walters, HerbAdventures in Listening
1990Varieties of Religious Experience: An Adventure in Listening
1988Seeger, Daniel A.Quaker Universalists: Their Ministry Among Friends and in the World
1986Seeger, Daniel A.The Place of Universalism in the Religious Society of Friends: Is Coexistence Possible?
1985Dulles, AveryRevelation and the Religions
Hetherington, RalphReadings For Universalists
Hetherington, RalphThe Defining Marks Of Quakerism

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