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Clerk’s welcome letter

Friends of QUF:

Quaker Universalist Fellowship is our volunteer effort to be a service to our shared spiritual reflection on an ongoing basis. Quaker Universalist Fellowship has embarked on a new service to QUF supporters rooted in the Internet engagement and distribution of resources through the Internet.

The QUF web site now holds an extensive Library of documents on universalist themes, including the QUF archived documents since its founding in 1983. The new QUF blog provides a continuous stream of current, thoughtful reflections about the Quaker tradition and universalism.

Currently, the QUF blog provides reflections by Quakers from diverse viewpoints on univeralist themes in the Quaker tradition. The QUF blog provides contemporary language for communication of contemporary spiritual experience and practice regarding the practice consequences of various views of universalism. The blog also provides book reviews that address current issues and public discussion that relate to universalist themes.

We want this web presence to be a theological and experiential dialogue in our shared journey, sharing with one another pointing to where the bread of life is to be found. The QUF web site is the repository of the fruits of this contemporary quest for truth in the Quaker tradition. The QUF blog provides opportunity for your comments and suggestions regarding particular articles or about subjects that you would like to see addressed in future blog posts. We hope you will see this engagement as a contribution to your spiritual life and one you will share with others, particularly those exploring the Quaker tradition in your Meeting.

We are pleased to help us all put the pieces together.

If you have questions or suggestions about how to strengthen this QUF service in the Quaker tradition, please contact us.

Larry Spears, Clerk
Quaker Universalist Fellowship