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Where do you turn to ponder and discuss important and arresting questions?

  • In this age of extreme positions, how can we find the common principles that we all share as human beings?
  • Is any spiritual framework the “truth”?
  • How can Quakers coexist with other religions in times of religious turmoil?
  • How does Quakerism relate to Universalism? What is the practice of Quaker Universalism?

At Quaker Universalist Fellowship (QUF), we provide a forum for people to share their ideas about these compelling questions that are at the core of our being.

What does QUF offer?

  • A print library with articles, pamphlets, journal articles from traditional and contemporary Quaker writings.
  • A new website to explore universalist views.
  • A blog where people on many spiritual paths can engage in dialogue with each other.
  • An institutional framework to accomplish the goals of universalism.

Through dialogue, sharing, and listening to each other, we can find points where diverse religious faith becomes a force that unites rather than divides the human family.

We affirm Friends’ belief that there is a spirit of universal love in every person, and that a compassion-centered life is therefore available to people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Why is your financial support important?

We’re going to be real straight with you… to continue this important work, we need your support. The small amount of income we gain through pamphlets and articles sales won’t sustain us over time. To build and maintain our website and to expand our reach and engagement of Quakers and others, we need your support.

Your timely tax-deductible contribution will sustain and expand this work and sustain a place for information and share perspectives and ideas from around the world. This contribution may be made by a donation or a bequest.

In this time of controversy and contention, this conversation is essential for promoting understanding and seeking unity through simplicity, humility, justice, mercy, and peace. Your contribution will support publication of printed literature, management of the website and blog space, and provision of speakers and opportunities for fellowship at regional and national Quaker gatherings. Members of the QUF Steering Committee donate their time to oversee the work, so overhead expenses are very low.

How you can contribute

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please send your donation to, or request information about a bequest from, the following address:

Gail Rogers, Clerk
Quaker Universalist Fellowship
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Or you can donate online to support this work by going to the “DONATE” button on the homepage.

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