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Universalism and Spirituality

A collection of essays and articles: 1 – God as Metaphor; 2 – What God?; 3 – Spiritual Experiences; 4 – Spiritual Journeys; 5 – Spirituality & Mysticism; 6 – Spirituality & Science

Universalism and Religions

A collection of essays & articles: 1 – What is Universalism?; 2 – What is Universal?; 3 – Universalism & Quakerism; 4 – Universalism & Christianity; 5 – Universalism & Non-Christian Religions

Quaker Universalism

A collection of essays, addresses and lectures about Quaker universalist themes, including John Linton’s original lecture in 1977, the first six essays originally published by the British Quaker Universalist group, spurred by this lecture, and a lecture given at Friends General Conference by Daniel Seeger in 1984.

Eastern Light

This spiritual autobiography integrates perspectives of early Quakers, Zen Buddhists, and contemporary Christian thinkers. Smith draws from these sources as he tells a personal tale of his Quaker childhood, his years of spiritual crisis, and his ultimate return to Quakerism by way of Zen Buddhism. Along the way, Smith explores and explains the Quaker peace testimony and liberal Quaker views of gender, power, education, and care for the natural world.

Faith and Practice of Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Southeastern Yearly Meeting’s Faith And Practice includes sections on faith and practice, Quaker values, present-day organization and structure explaining the bottoms-up practice of discerning decisions by sense-of-the-meeting, common worship and business meeting practices, references including an extensive Reading List, Glossary, and a short history of SEYM.