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Who We Are

Organization of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship

The Quaker Universalist Fellowship (QUF) is a fellowship of Quakers and others concerned with the development and discernment of universalist themes in the Quaker tradition, and through Quakers into the world. Fellowship members support QUF financially, and with suggestions and writings to expand reflection and communication.

Anyone, whether Quaker or not, is invited to join the QUF through participation in the blog, sending suggestions to the QUF Clerk, and through financial contributions.

The QUF is led by a Steering committee of Quakers from many Yearly Meetings (regional organizations of Quakers). Nominations for the Steering Committee membership can be addressed to the Nominations Committee c/o the Clerk of QUF.

Within the Steering Committee, members serve in diverse capacities of content editors and writers, managers of the various Internet and social media functions, and represent QUF to Quaker organizations. Members also serve as Clerk, Treasurer and Recording Clerk.

The Steering Committee meets by telephone conference monthly, and in a face-to-face meeting annually in October.

Current Steering Committee members

  • Gail Rogers, New England YM
  • Larry Spears, Northern YM, Clerk
  • Kay Tomlinson

Emeritus Steering Committee members

These Friends (Quakers) have served over many years to provide forums for discussion of universalism in the Quaker tradition through the Quaker Universalist Fellowship:

  • George Amoss, Baltimore YM
  • Stephen W. Angell, Ohio Valley YM
  • Judith Arness, New England YM
  • Richard Barnes, Baltimore YM
  • Jeanetta Bicking, Philadelphia YM
  • Alan Borst, Baltimore YM
  • Catherine Bradshaw, New England YM
  • Mary Brion, Philadelphia YM
  • Lyn Cope, Southeastern YM
  • Judy Geary, Southern Appalachian YM & Association
  • Rhoda R. Gilman, Northern YM
  • Rachel Guaraldi, Baltimore YM
  • Irv Hollingshead, Philadelphia YM
  • Sallie B. King, Baltimore YM
  • Anthony Manousos, Philadelphia YM
  • Beverly McCauley, Philadelphia YM
  • Richard Mitchell, Ohio Valley YM
  • Betsy Neale, Ohio Valley YM
  • Sally Rickerman, Philadelphia YM
  • James Riemermann, Northern YM
  • Cherie Roberts, Southern Appalachian YM & Association
  • Susan Norris Rose, Baltimore YM
  • Jim Rose, Baltimore YM
  • Kitty Rush, New England YM
  • Dan Seeger, Philadelphia YM
  • Mike Shell, New England YM
  • Kingdon Swayne, Philadelphia YM
  • Carolyn Terrell, Philadelphia YM
  • Norval Tucker, Iowa Conservative YM
  • Joan Tucker, Iowa Conservative YM
  • Eleanor Webb, Baltimore YM
  • Patricia Williams, Baltimore YM