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About Quakers

Beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Members of the Religious Society of Friends (called Friends or Quakers) historically have not subscribed to a creed or catechism. Basic features and aspects of Quakerism include:

  • Quakers actively seek the truth and believe that no one person or any group knows the whole truth.
  • Quakers believe in continuing revelation and that religious truth is constantly unfolding.
  • The Bible is a primary source for finding truths, as are the sacred books from all other religious traditions.
  • Other sources in which truths are sought are: science and nature, human history, meditation, and gathering together in worship in silence, spiritual and personal experience.
  • Each is asked to re-examine, reinterpret, and re-evaluate his/her insights continually over time.

Values and Testimonies

Friends have agreed to basic values, known as testimonies, known as the Quaker SPICES, including the following:

Use financial and natural resources carefully; value Spirit over material objects
Seek solutions to problems or disagreements; make decisions by consensus (secular) for ‘sense of the meeting’ (spirit-led); use conflict resolution skills
Let your life speak: your outer life reflects your inner life; treat others with respect and honesty
Build authentic community/interpersonal relationships; do no harm; teach respect; respect one another
Respect differences; each has a share of the Light
Protect and care for the earth; promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability; promote social justice and the need for equal access to resources.

[Thanks to Connecticut Friends School for wording.]

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