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The Quaker Universalist Fellowship is pleased to announce the availability of our newest Pamphlet on the web. This free material can be read on the screen, or downloaded in two different formats. You can find this new publication at http://www.universalistfriends.org/library.html#uf044

In This Issue


From The Editor

Patricia A. Williams

QUF Programs at FGC 2006

Rhoda Gilman

More Quaker Universalist Readers Coming.

Patricia A. Williams

Quaker Universalism: A Historian’s Sketch

Jay Worrall

Free Will and Justice, an Unfortunate Duality

Alfred Roberts

Too Important to be Taken Seriously

Art Dewey

Pat Williams notes in her introduction:

Back last fall, my good friend the Quaker historian Jay Worrall, aged 90, promised me an article on the Quaker split of 1827 between universalists and Christ-centered Quakers in America....

Alfred Roberts, for many years a faithful contributor to the Universalist Friends, mentions the 1827 separation in his essay, “Free Will and Justice.” Belief in free will, Alfred thinks, enables us to blame those we disagree with while our passion for justice leads to violence against them. ...

Art Dewey is a member of the in/famous Jesus Seminar, a scholar of the historical Jesus. He thinks we are all-too-serious about Jesus, who had a wicked (?!—my term!) sense of humor. Jesus compares the empire of God to unclean entities, makes camels go through needles’ eyes, and rain fall on the unjust as well as the just....

As you can see there is much in store for you in this free issue!

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